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About Us

We have a team of well qualified, talented and young people having experience of more than 20 years of working in fragrance, cosmetic, fashion and retail industry; Our core purpose of business is driven to provide our customers the best of the class products at a very competitive price, customer service and their satisfaction while using our products is the pivotal point of our every business activity.

Indian customers are considered to be the smartest across the world, as they respect every penny spent for their product experience and the quality of benefit of product they are getting while using the product, we have very well kept this aspect in our heart & mind and our product design / packaging and it’s befits have been created after extensive research and numerous customer feedbacks regarding our product quality on every possible parameter which a consumer expects.

We believe in word of mouth publicity and not in paid publicity for brand building, for brand Aura Divine creation and its prosperity we spend maximum portion of our sales turnover at product- development and the quality of ingredients used for its manufacturing, we use best of the techniques and best of the trade practices while creating the product for our customers, we very well understand our customer’s needs and expectation from our product, and we deliver it with every single product available at our website (; what exact product benefit to expect from our respective listed items on our website we mention a detailed write up about the respective product benefits and its structure at the product description page/Colum.

Customer Delight is the only purpose of “Aura Divine”.

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